Create Backlinks In 2016

Backlinks are always a secret sauce of Rankings.  Without backlinks, it is not possible to establish for a long term ranking. But people usually make a mistake in the building backlinks; create backlinks in 2016 is state of the art. If you can master this art, then you are going to have a successful SEO career. Do not create spammy or low-quality backlinks this can harm your website and can be penalized by Google updates.  It’s better to create fewer backlinks rather than creating 1000 spammy backlinks.

Google is always following this rule; they want to provide quality information to their readers and if any site comes under the suspect then more the chance they get a penalty by panda or penguin updates.  Reckless and excessive backlinks are bad SEO strategy in 2016.

Create Backlinks In 2016

Complete Profile in Major Social Media Sites To Create Backlinks In  2016

Your first step should be to give your company a social existence as making the full profile in web2.0 sites and social media sites. These social media accounts will give your business social life and can connect with the targeted audience, By creating a full profile linking back your site URL in the profile will make a close connection, and your site will get a good link juice from the web2.0 and social media sites. It will increase the authority of website in the eyes of Google.  Every company should complete profile in this following sites

–    A Google My Business Page

–    A Facebook Page

–    A LinkedIn Profile

–    A Twitter Account

–    Confirm Alexa Page Link

–    A Trip Advisor Page

Add real and relevant information provide a link to your homepage. Update and post appropriate information time to time to get more social engagement from this sources.  Google rank the sites which have significant social signals. The increase of social signals means an increase of Rankings.

There should be some strategy to follow in making backlinks Do not make a lot of backlinks in one day. Make a schedule and follow that accordingly. There are lots of places you can build high authority backlinks; they are like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Hubpages, and lot more. You and Web2.0 can also make backlinks from directory submission, image sharing sites, videos sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, commenting all have different importance in creating backlinks,  Make first ten backlinks with

Hight authority sites like sites having good da, pa, cf, tf. First ten authority sites will boost your ranking and slowly after that using different anchor text you can make your site authentic.

Using PBN backlinks is good, but it’s hazardous, If Google catches you any PBN in any way, then you are going to get the penalty for sure. So it’s better to try to rank with social signal and comprehensive off-page strategy. Nowadays lots of sites are getting banned especially which sites having PBN or Spammy backlinks. There are Tricks to be safe from Penalty only if you  But you need the lot of things to consider. Because making PBN network is not such an easy task, Google looks at you from many sources like Google map, Android app, Gmail, or any of Google Product.

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