Skin tags are benign skin outgrowths. They are soft, non-cancerous and medically not harmful. The primary cause involves rubbing on one skin to other. These are a little fleshy flap on the skin that usually appears on person’s eyelid, neck, arm, etc. Besides being not medically harmful, it does harm the self-esteem of an individual so to get rid of skin tags is what they consider their priority. Thankfully, we do know some ways by which getting rid of these can be easier. Thus, here are few

  • Leave it untreated

The best option is to leave it untreated, and it will get invisible with the passage of time. The reason why this is the best choice is that saves from new pain. As we know that skin tags are not medically harmful and if we do apply some medical treatments or home remedies, there is a dangerous probability of discoloration of skin and scarring and the problem of visiting again and again in yet another issue.

  • Do not let them get irritated

Skin tags are not at all bothersome, but they can turn to be if you put it in contact with an abrasive. They can even start bleeding in that case. The things from which you should keep it away are jewelry, rough cloth, excessive rubbing and excessive itching.


  • Skin Tags’ creams/ointments

There are various medically prepared creams and lotions which claim to remove skin tags. If they are effective, then do go for it. Apply them on skin tags to say goodbye to these little annoying monsters.

  • Using alcohol

This procedure might hurt a bit but will help. At first, you need to remove that clear skin on the top of your skin tag with a clipper. It won’t hurt much as there are no nerves in that area, but it might bleed a bit. Soak cotton with alcohol and dab it onto the skin tag. Let it dry for a day or two. It’ll be sore but not that much sore. After two days only wiggle it and numb that area with ice.

  • Removing by freezing

Freezing away is one of the most useful ways of removing skin tags. Apply liquid nitrogen. Liquid Nitrogen is readily available on the market. After using it, wait for several days to several weeks till it eliminates.

  • Using bandages and Vitamin E capsules

In this process, you need to break vitamin E capsules which are easily available in the market and apply the liquid coming out of it on the skin tag. After that put adhesive bandage on it. What these bandages do is that they stop the flow of blood to the skin tag and that causes the elimination of it. Leave the bandage on the skin for several days. After few days you will notice that the dressing will loosen. The reason would be that the skin tag has been removing. In case if it has not removed then redo the process.

Skin tags are not a big issue and to get rid of skin tags is not a bigger one. These are caused due to obesity, diabetes or to a pregnant woman but getting worried is not the solution. Applying away any of these methods can be proved fruitful.

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